A Family Murder Part 2

In this episode of Real Crime we have the second part of the murder of the Lyerly family in North Carolina. The 5 ‘negroes’ speak their piece from the jail in Charlotte. Also, there is the first part of the death of a man at the hand of his own brother. Brother kills brother. But the murderer, if indeed it is the brother, didn’t do a very good job of hiding his motive, and his tracks!

real crime with Danny Lopez

We also have the telling of a wifebeater getting lashed by the sheriff in the jail and this first person narrative of a ‘pacifist’ who was lecturing in Cincinnati in 1917 and he gets kidnapped and mistreated by ‘patriots’ who seem a lot like the KKK. Some of these articles from the Washington Times and the North Carolina Hickory Democrat have these not so subtle tone when talking about African-Americans, saying they things like: ‘This one was darker with black malevolent eyes and a mean disposition.’

It’s amazing to me how their prose shows their prejudice. Anyway, hope you enjoy this piece of history.

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